New Hampshire State Medical Board’s Penny Taylor Harassed and lied about Dr. Glenna C. Burton, MD


Penny Taylor abused discretion, allegedly protected the public, and harassed Glenna C. Burton, MD for not thinking in the double jeaporady mindset – for failing to report that the Missouri Board of Healing Arts piggy-backed discipline on her for the same thing she was already disciplined for by the DEA. Penny Taylor harassed Glenna by asserting that it was poor moral character to not list the reflexive discipline made by the Missouri medical board.

Penny Taylor implied that Dr. Burton was trying to hide something and committing an unethical act by not listing the ~double jeapordy that Dr. Burton experienced at the hands of mindless secretaries and attorneys who piggy-back discipline for “public safety.” 

nefarious penny taylor deserves  prison time
Penny Taylor harassed Glenna C. Burton MD and abused her

New Hampshire State Medical Board’s Penny Taylor Harassed and lied about Dr. Glenna C. Burton, MD

Frank Meyers, JD, prepares to protect an animal

Connie Clarkston Holds Needle With Drugs for Public Safety

Mr. Meyers and his close companion Ms. Connie Clarkston have a rather twisted idea of what it means to protect others…


Frank Meyers giving vaccines with long slender needles
Frank Meyers gives the “animals” their medicine – for the safety of the public. Mr. Meyers said vaccines were necessary for safety. One may wonder whether he is competent to administer “vaccines.”

Time for the “animals” to get their medicine instructs Ms. Clarkston – the executive director of the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts. Unfortunately, Ms. Clarkston does not typically know which medicine is appropriate for patients. She sends his thugs like Mr. Meyers, J.D. to litigate claims of competency. Unfortunately, Mr. Meyers did not know what PubMed is. It is time that state medical boards become clinically competent. We do not need ignorant attorneys like Mr. Meyers being pushed by their nefarious executive director Connie Clarkston to stab good doctors in the back while protecting perjurers.


Another example of dishonest medical regulation is where Connie Clarkston and her thug investigators tried to frame the psychiatrist Surendra Chaganti, M.D., for the death of a patient.

The nurse gave the patient seven medications intended for a seizure patient to Dr. Chaganti’s dialysis patient.

Take your medicine
Connie Clarkston is ready to give Dr. Surendra Chaganti his medicine.
Vaccine time
The Missouri Board of the Healing Arts gave Dr. Antoine Adem his medicine.

It will be up to the future generation of healthcare leaders to teach state medical boards to obey the American Medical Association code of ethics.

Frank Meyers, JD, prepares to protect an animal